With hundreds of VPNs out there, choosing the right one can be a really daunting task.
Here at Trusted 5 VPN, we've invested a great amount of time and effort
to fully review and rank the very best commercial service providers.

Check out the key features of these top service providers. You may read our unbiased and balanced VPN reviews or see our updated comparison page so you can choose the one that is best for your needs.

Unlimited bandwidth

Strict no logs policy

Money-back guarantee

Military grade encryption

Automatic kill switch

Our Score

Instant setup

P2P support

Unlimited bandwidth

High level encryption

Premium customer service

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Unlimited bandwidth and traffic

More than 1300 servers worldwide

Apps for various operating systems

4 different pricing plans

Money-back guarantee

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Best for Kodi, IPTV, torrents, etc.

Apps for all devices including Fire TV

Can install on most routers

24/7 customer support with live chat

Unlimited bandwidth and server switching

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Simple design

Lightweight version available

Strict no logs policy

Independently audited

Strong AES 256-bit encryption

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Self-owned and managed network

2000+ servers in 140+ countries

Supports all security protocols

One-click software

31 days money-back guarantee

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Easy to configure

Over 200,000 IP addresses

Unlimited server switching

No capping on downloads

Easy integration with apps and services

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Anonymize and encrypt all web traffic

Secure browser extensions

24/7/365 support

Unlimited speeds

Try risk-free with money-back guarantee

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Strict no logs policy

Compatible on most devices

Automatic reconnection

Automatic kill switch

Free trial

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Unblocks geo-restricted content

Expansive global network

Unrestricted US and UK Netflix access

Minimalist client platform

No indentifying logs

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The Top VPN’s for Streaming, Anonymity and Security

You’re probably here because you’re searching for a good VPN service and wondering which one is the best. Well, this is definitely the right place because we've done a thorough test of all of the major players in the networking space.

We’ll Make It Easy

A lot of factors need to be considered when choosing a service provider in this industry but once you’re able to identify which are the most essential features, things are going to be a lot easier and this will help simplify your decision.

We’re Always Updated

Not only do we get the facts straight but we also frequently update this site with new information so whatever you see here is updated. You can compare VPN service providers and their features based on real data.
So are you ready to know about our test results? Then let’s get started!

Must Reads/Case Study:

Think that using virtual private networks is just for paranoid individuals who worry that the government or CIA is spying on their online activities? A lot of internet users still don’t quite understand the need for this tunneling service and why it is increasingly a necessity in today’s digital climate. You see, private browsing is not really all that private and there’s a high chance that you’re data is already vulnerable to cybercriminals.

5 Compelling Reasons on Why You Should Use a VPN

  1. Accessing public Wi-Fi is risky.
    Free internet from airports, cafes and restaurants are unsafe to use for accessing confidential logins and browsing because anyone can access the network. With a trusted VPN service like Private Internet Access, you won’t have to worry about this risk.
  2. Some online services are location-based
    Can’t watch the latest Netflix releases in the US because you’re in another country? A lot of online services nowadays have location-based restrictions but VPN’s can find a way around this.
  3. You need a secured internet connection for online banking
    Online banking brings a lot of convenience for making transactions but you need to be sure that your internet connection has an extra layer of security. A trusted service provider like NordVPN can give you this kind of protection.
  4. Facebook and social media sites are blocked in some countries
    Some countries restrict access to social media sites. That means you won’t be able to use Facebook or post on your Instagram account.
  5. Your ISP knows your internet activity
    When you subscribe to an ISP (internet service provider), you’re giving them complete access to your internet browsing history. Surely, you don’t want to give such information.