Compare the Best VPN Service Providers of 2019

Torn between TunnelBear and ExpressVPN? Here's a rundown of their features so you can compare them and have a better judgment on these two highly popular virtual private network service providers.

Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Servers 1700+ 2000+
Money Back Guarantee None 30 days
Pricing As low as $5.83 / month As low as $8.32 / month
Customer Support 94% 88%
Total Score 91 82
ExpressVPN slightly won over TunnelBear in the Servers and Money-Back Guarantee categories but when it comes to customer service the latter scored better than the former. It also has a much cheaper plan that can only cost you as low as $5.83 a month compared to ExpressVPN's lowest plan at $8.32 a month. Summing it all up, TunnelBear is the winner in this fight.
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What Do People Say About TunnelBear?

Darcie Depew

TunnelBear VPN was actually the easiest interface to use, there are no complicated tabs or options that is confusing. The best thing I like about using TB is the fast connections in the European region. I got the chance to stream my favorite TV series with a real fast connections.

Matthew Higgins

The only VPN that have an easy to understand subscription structure is TunnelBear, you may not be needing a customer support assistance for that. I don't have any concerns with the bandwidth, security and connections so I might recommend this VPN to everyone who wants to try.

Margareth Anderson

The privacy and security from TunnelBear is exceptional, I guess not far from excellent. If you are a techie and a buff about internet security, you need to try their offer because it is worth every penny you spent.

Jean Thompson

I am very pleased with the performance of TunnelBear. I used it virtually on most of my Windows and IOS devices and it seems that there were no issues with the connections. And my favorite part is the way they block ads, it is absolutely exciting.

Timothy Olivier

What best describe TunnelBear is reliable. The connections, the security and the servers worldwide is so reliable that you don't need to worry about it in the long run. Well, I also have to say that their customer support is exquisitely first rate.

Arnold Flavin

TunnelBear logo may look cuddly but I might say that the services they provide are fierce. You got connected to different locations in seconds and without buffering. And the price for all those features are quite friendly in the pocket.